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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zero gravity ball at night

Hi I’m back at home! No I did not stay at Georgia I went to South Carolina then to North Carolina (we stayed there for a week) then Virginia (also for a week) and last Kentucky and no I don’t live in Kentucky. (breathes) I said a mouthful I need some water (glug glug glug glug glug) ahhhhhh that felt good. My most favorite thing in the vacation was playing Zero Gravity ball at night. A pool involved and you have to wear goggles. The ball is a water bottle filled with water. Also, make sure the pool light is on. It is like a normal game of Monkey in the Middle and you throw the water bottle back and forth. When it lands in the water it doesn’t float and it doesn’t sink to the bottom. It just stays there! Amazing. I played this game with Schroedter and my cousin Adrian in the pool behind the house we stayed in North Carolina. You should try this game, if you have a pool.


A Good World said...

That was a fun game - thanks for showing it to me!!

Brenda Butler said...

HI, Hayden! I will tell Jonas about that game. So, if you are running around those states, are you sure you are going to make it back to Missouri by Sunday for C A M P? We are looking forward to seeing you ALL!!
-Brenda Butler

Apple said...

I went to Kentucky and North Carolina too? Did you see the Louisville Slugger Museum in KY?

-Lisa Apple

Amber said...

Wow! That game sounds like a lot of fun!

pfitzhannum said...

I am going to tell Carey to play this game in the pool the next time we have kids over. Sounds fun. Patty Hannum