Thursday, June 28, 2012

The science center

Today we went to the science center. We had a lot of fun and got a good parking spot. First we saw the movie Space Junk.It was about satelites in space that crash together,and at the end of the movie they talked about how they could solve this problem. Next we went to the new Dino Dig. I think it's for little kids, but that's just me. And I found a huge fossil. After that we went to the star show and looked at stars and watched a video but there was a computer crash! Then we went home. It was a fun trip.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A day at the coutry club

I went to my friends country club yesterday. First we went to the pool and that's where I got THE perfect hamburger. It looked like the hamburger in cartoons. In the pool there was a diving board. Then I went golfing! It was my first time golfing and my friend (Eric) taught me some lessons. the best part was I got to drive the golf cart. then we went home at 9:00. It was a fun day.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The sleepover

Yesterday I had a sleep over. Jake, Theo, Cormac, and Eric came to my party. Then we played Mario Party 8. I was Yoshi, Theo was Boo, Jake was Hammer Bro, and Cormac was Dry Bones. Then we made our own pizzas. I made a mini pizza with cheese. Then we made ice cream in a bag. It was shaped mashed potatoes but delicious. Next we had a mini air hockey tournament and Eric won. After that we climbed trees in the park and played tag. Last we went home got our sleeping bags out, cooked popcorn, and watched Despicable Me. I loved everything about the party.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The pupper spa

Schroedter, mom, Frinkles, and I went on a hike. We went to Forest Park and it was hot outside. There were lots of trees and plants and there was some trails. Then we came along a cascade. Then Frinkles laid down on the 1st rock. We called it the Pupper Spa. The water was coming out a hose and going on Frinkles fur. That gave me a grate idea to make a homemade one. I liked the hike.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers day

When mom,Schroedter,and I got home from church we had work to do I went up stairs to get paper and markers. We made a poster that said "#1 DADDY". Then we put the gift and cards on the welcome table. The gift was bochee ball. Bochee ball is a 4 player game. Each player has 2 colored balls and there is one small white ball. The white ball is thrown first. after everyone is done throwing the closest ball to the white ball wins. Dad came home and opened his cards. Then we went to see men in black 3 (MIB). Then we went to buffalo wild wings. It was a grate fathers day.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rock climbing

2 days ago my family and I went to rock climbing class. It was at upper limits a indoor rock climbing place. There is a tan side and a red side on the same wall. The tan side is when you can climb without a harness and the red side you have to be all hocked up. When class started the teacher was talking to the class but I had know idea what he was saying. Then we learned how to tie a knot. after that I had free time because you have to be 11to ballay someone and I'm 9 years old. finally we got to climb up the walls. Schroedter ballayed me, I climbed to the top of some walls, and we waited for ever for Schroedter to do his last climb. after that we ate dinner at McDonald's. I had fun at the class.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A water fight!

Schroedter and I  found some water balloons in the basement. We went outside and started throwing water balloons at the dog. Then Schroedter started spraying me. I got my bathing suit on  and went out the front door. I turned on the 2nd hose and I sprayed him. Then I stole some water balloons from Schroedter. This continued to be a long time. Then we decided to stop. I would rather not get hypothermia. This water fight was really fun.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taco lunch

After mom and I picked Schroedter up from baby sitter class we decided to eat at a taco place. We sat down and got our snacks. I ordered Three tacos. We all waited and waited. Our food arrived  but not moms. It was because there was a mix up. But moms food did arrive. I ate all three tacos. on the way home I noticed something. I am full. It was a filling lunch. 

Monday, June 11, 2012


Yesterday me and Schroedter were digging in the basement looking for Monty Python (it was just a funny series). We were looking and looking and I found mom and dads wedding photo. Then Schroedter started yelling in a British accent. At the end we opened a box it was filled with dad's old stuff. His Lost series and a bunch of other stuff. I like going through old stuff.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hey it's me again! This is my lemonade stand. Your probably thinking what a bad place to put a stand. Wrong! It's a great place. here's what I do. I get cars to pull over! My first customer was a man in a Fedex truck. I made $28.60. I tried to give a cup to the mailman for free but he payed me anyway. I charged 50 cents for the big cup and 25 cents for the little cup. I like my lemonade stand.

Friday, June 8, 2012

I am Back from 4 Years!

Hi! It's me again. Since I last posted, I have switched from Forsyth School to Community School. I have memorized 50 digits of pi. I also take karate. It is sometimes hard, but I have accomplished many katas, and I am a black belt now. (A kata is a little fight when you are fighting an imaginary opponent and you have to do certain moves.) I love ice cream, and I want to start my own ice cream business. I love penguins. I have two stuffed penguins. The littlest one is called Floppydude and the biggest one is called Pizzaravioli. On my ninth birthday I raised $80.00 to adopt a King Penguin at the St. Louis Zoo. My favorite color is blue. I like blue everything: blue PJ's, blue robes, blue crayons, blue ice cream, blue anything. We have a new dog named, Frinkles. She is very funny. Unlike Berkeley, she chases her tail. We never heard a dog bark in her dreams, that happened with Frinkles. Also, we can see her running in her dreams--her legs were moving. And just to let you know, I'll be posting on this blog all summer. Good-bye!