Sunday, August 5, 2012

The beach wipeout

Whew I am full from those ribs. Oh hi! I wanted to talk about the huge waves in North Carolina. I was at the beach riding big waves. The waves are some times bigger than me. It takes two   waves to wipeout someone. Wave one is to knock you off balance. Wave two will wipe you out. And that’s what happened to me. When I wiped out I could see nothing. All I could hear is bubbles. When it was over I was on the sand. I stayed in the water for 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom took me in the house to chill in my room because I was really tired. What a fun day.

The Georgia Aquarium

Hi again! I wanted to talk about the Georgia Aquarium. We went in the huge entrance with like 1,000 people in the place. We started at the ocean voyager it was for starters like us. It wasn’t bad. There was a moving walkway and over roof water. At the end was a HUGE tank of water it had lots of fish, stingrays, and. It was wonderful. Next we went to my favorite. The penguins!!!!!! Went into the place were they keep the penguins. They were only humbled penguins but I was still happy to see them. Then we went into a tunnel which lead into the penguin habitat. There were some gaps with windows so that you can actually feel like you are in the habitat. We went into one of those and we came face to face with a penguin. I was even more happy to see a penguin up this close! Next we went to the show called Dolphin Tale with live dolphins. It took a really long time to wait for the show to begin. Finally it began. It went through the introduction about a Star Seeker sailing with dolphins, but then evil sea monsters sank their ship. Next when they were ready to defeat the sea monsters they made us sing so they could raise the ship out of the water. Then the dolphins came out and did lots of cool tricks like spinning around, flipping, and walking on their tales. The trainers even rode the dolphins! After that they did a fake fighting and punching act against the sea monsters. The sea monsters captured the Star Seeker and they released the dolphins again and freed the Star Seeker and sank the sea monsters’ ship. The show was very cheesey, but still I liked it. This is a really fun aquarium. If you live in Georgia you should go to it or you should take a vacation and go to it.