Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zero gravity ball at night

Hi I’m back at home! No I did not stay at Georgia I went to South Carolina then to North Carolina (we stayed there for a week) then Virginia (also for a week) and last Kentucky and no I don’t live in Kentucky. (breathes) I said a mouthful I need some water (glug glug glug glug glug) ahhhhhh that felt good. My most favorite thing in the vacation was playing Zero Gravity ball at night. A pool involved and you have to wear goggles. The ball is a water bottle filled with water. Also, make sure the pool light is on. It is like a normal game of Monkey in the Middle and you throw the water bottle back and forth. When it lands in the water it doesn’t float and it doesn’t sink to the bottom. It just stays there! Amazing. I played this game with Schroedter and my cousin Adrian in the pool behind the house we stayed in North Carolina. You should try this game, if you have a pool.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Georgia island

Aloha! Hi I'm back this time in georgia. This is the first time i've been here. It was fun tirering day today. before we begin i want you to know the house we are in is not on an island. We are going to an island. With that let us begin. Today Schroedter, Dad and I went kayaking. Schroedter kayaked by himself and Dad kayaked by himself and I sat behind dad. We went out on the rocky shore next to the dock we had. There were lots of other docks due to the people living near to us. When mom pushed us off into the lake we were cruising around and motor boats were boating around. The waves started to get a little bit bigger. Sometimes we bumped into eachother. Then we arrived at our destination, an island across from a beach. The sand and the water was nice and muddy. SO, then we had a mud fight! We started throwing and smashing the mud at each other. There were two rules: 1. You had to stand up when you throw and 2 make sure there are no rocks in the mud. At first I didn't get any good mud, but then Schroedter and Dad told me there was good mud where they were. The good mud was creamy like whipped cream. Then dark clouds headed our way. Dad said, "Ten more minutes of mud throwing." The last 10 minutes was chaos! Finally it was time for us to bathe in the lake. Then we set sail again. This time the waves were bigger than the ones during the trip to the island. Meanwhile mom was on another person's deck, she thought to herself, "Where are those boys? They should have been home 5 minutes ago." Mom was worried. Then mom saw us. We headed toward the shore as the storm got bigger. There was lightning right there at the camping grounds and thunder as loud as bombs. Dad and I were paddling toward to the shore, and then mom pulled us in and gave me my shoes. We took the kayak up to the garage. Schroedter was two docks away. He had trouble turning into our dock. We ran down to help Schroedter with his kayak. Then when we were taking the kayaks up to garage it started to drizzle and then it got heavier and heavier. We all got inside it was raining like crazy. Then me and Schroedter took showers and then I blogged about Schroedter, Dad and I kayaking to the island. It was an EPIC day!