Friday, June 8, 2012

I am Back from 4 Years!

Hi! It's me again. Since I last posted, I have switched from Forsyth School to Community School. I have memorized 50 digits of pi. I also take karate. It is sometimes hard, but I have accomplished many katas, and I am a black belt now. (A kata is a little fight when you are fighting an imaginary opponent and you have to do certain moves.) I love ice cream, and I want to start my own ice cream business. I love penguins. I have two stuffed penguins. The littlest one is called Floppydude and the biggest one is called Pizzaravioli. On my ninth birthday I raised $80.00 to adopt a King Penguin at the St. Louis Zoo. My favorite color is blue. I like blue everything: blue PJ's, blue robes, blue crayons, blue ice cream, blue anything. We have a new dog named, Frinkles. She is very funny. Unlike Berkeley, she chases her tail. We never heard a dog bark in her dreams, that happened with Frinkles. Also, we can see her running in her dreams--her legs were moving. And just to let you know, I'll be posting on this blog all summer. Good-bye!

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